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Next gigs

Sunday Dec 15
The Three Mariners (8.30pm)
Christmas Eve 
The Hampton
Herne Bay 
New Year's Eve 
The Huntsman & Horn
Broomfield, Herne Bay 

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Dancing in the Dark at CinCin Bar, Deal


Yes, it's that time of year again, time to rehearse some festive classics and put in a bulk order for kazoos. 


The festive fun starts at the ridiculously brilliant Three Mariners in Hythe. You really should check out this place on a gig night - it's terrific. 

Then it's a bumper Christmas Eve bash at The Hampton in Herne Bay, yet another venue where party time is guaranteed. It will be epic.

And the madness continues at the awesome Huntsman & Horn, where we'll be rocking out in 2020 vision, all the way through to next year 

Have a brilliant December, crazy Christmas and a very happy new one! xxxxx

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