We can't wait to see you all again and we're currently booking gigs! Yes, actual gigs! See them as they arrive here! 

And if you need a band for that long-delayed function, you know where to come here! Or click the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

Loadsa love, Majestic 12

LATEST video

Seems so long ago! The King's Hall Herne Bay, last October...

We're having some fun trying to record songs (some new to us, some old faves) remotely, during this enforced hiatus. Hope you like them and we look forward to playing them live for you soon!

Loadsa love, Majestic 12

Session #4

Mr Blue Sky


Session #3

Hungry Like The Wolf

Session #2


(Is In The Heart)


Session #1

Weather With You

Crowded House



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