MATT - vocals and guitar

COLIN - guitar and vocals

STEVE - percussion and vocals

JOHN - bass and vocals

CALV - alt bass and vocals

BACKING TAPES - absolutely not


WE'RE  best mates playing songs we love to play. We think it shows.

Formed in Herne Bay, Kent, in 2012, Majestic 12 was the brainchild of Matt and Colin, frontman and guitarist respectively of raucous hard rock band Captain Mildred (and designed to be the complete opposite!).

The original idea of a duo playing bittersweet acoustic rock didn't last very long. They were soon joined by bass maestro John (another former bandmate) on bass and Mildred's drummer Steve was persuaded to try beating up a wooden box (cajon) instead of a drum kit...and also realised he could sing too. And Mildred's bassman Calv steps in when John's not about!

And as for the bittersweet bit? The urge to party put paid to a lot of that too. You're as likely to hear ABBA, The Bangles and The Beatles as you are Pink Floyd's Wish You Here. Click here for a comprehensive list of the songs we do.

Come and join the fun at our next pub gig - or book us for your next party!

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